For sale is a GM zz502 bbc crate engine that has been rebuilt and upgraded for pump gas. 10.75:1 compression. It has eagle h beam rods, forged crank, srp pistons, professionaly honed and file fit rings installed, high volume oil pump, lunati voodoo Retro-Fit Hydraulic Roller Cam. Serious street/race cam. Needs 10.5:1 compression and 3200 RPM stall converter. Works with moderate nitrous and smal...
422 SBC Dart Iron Eagle Block Forged Crower Crank Manley Aluminum rods Lunati piston Roller cam and lifters Set up as wet sump but easy to make Dry sump. SFI Balancer Complete short block $4500 Dart Iron Eagle 215 Heads Good port work T&D shaft rockers Roller springs $2000 Mallory Super Mag III X drive w/o base Comes with wires and Transformer About 15 runs since freshend $650. BIGDADDYQUIK. Ne...
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